The debut issue of VIVE magazine is a depiction of life in unity through art as the main form of expression. The name “VIVE” represents the magazine’s central mission, which translates as “live”. We all are the reason for each other’s existence, and we all are the reason for all our creations. To live the way we want and to share the way we want to share.

VIVE magazine, therefore, wishes to stimulate. The sense of unity in the silence of the abyss. The feeling of belonging. The feeling of being heard in one’s creations. We believe that these are the most precious matters to feel and experience.

Thank you for your interest in VIVE magazine. At last, we have the pleasure to present you the first issue, which is the beginning of the journey for VIVE magazine and welcomes you into the abyss.

Issue 1 – Silence in the Abyss