Press Announcement

United electronic music artists for Ukraine


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“The compilation, United electronic music artists for Ukraine is released on 05 April 2022. The compilation contains 20 tracks by electronic music artists from various genres. From the beginning of March, 20 artists started to donate an existing or new track. The diversity of genres allows the listener to hear various perspectives of electronic music. Genres such as ambient, downtempo, and techno and harder styles such as hardcore and breakcore and experimental music cover a broad landscape.

Some artists wrote a brand new track for this compilation, while others came with some very great ones they already had. All tracks are unreleased before the compilation. While arranging and mastering the compilation, the entire series was listened to several times with big impressions. The artists have created something beautiful for this world!

The following artists have donated a track for the compilation:

Detaché, Tapage, Invisible Ralf, Tiko (DE), QST, Jan Liefhebber, Esther Dune, Kracht, JTPE, Waily, OZUM, Mig-L, Unified Method, RAM IO, Dave Dope, Temo, Skeptical C,
Tripeo, HarryKatur, Nobuka

Now after the release, we have the goal to fund direct causes for aid to Ukraine with all of the proceeds from the United Electronic Music Artists for Ukraine compilation. In this way, we hope to be able to contribute to help for the people in Ukraine in a musical and direct way as what feels like what we can do within our possibilities.”

Mario Reijnen